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Escorting might be the oldest profession in the world, yet it still comes with a lot of long-running myths, thanks to untrue or sensationalised representations of sex work in movies, TV and the media. Here are a few misconceptions about hiring escort services – and the reality behind them.

1. Clients only see escorts because they can’t get laid.

This is one of the most common myths regarding escort services and it’s wildly untrue! Because of outdated stigmas attached to sex work, some people believe that men who engage in escort services must be desperate and unable to pick up women. That’s simply not true. At Hush, our clients come from all walks of life and see escorts for all kinds of reasons.

For example, if you have ended a relationship, want to get back into the dating game or want to experience the intimacy of dating a gorgeous woman without committing to a relationship, then a Girlfriend Experience escort is the ideal option. If you are a couple wanting to open up your relationship and have a threesome, an escort will be able to guide you both through a mutually-satisfying experience that keeps your partnership intact. If you want to explore a fantasy or fetish, an escort will create a non-judgemental space for you to play. Plus, escorts are literally the professionals when it comes to great sex… there’s no shame in wanting to experience the best life has to offer.

2. Clients only want crazy experiences

There is a misconception among some people who believe that clients who choose to make bookings with high class escorts are only into bizarre and wild stuff. We can blame the media for that one!

Sure, there are some clients who turn to Sydney escorts to explore something a bit different or down right kinky, because they know they can share their desires with someone who won’t judge them or tell anyone. There’s no shame exploring what makes you tick with someone who wants to explore that with you – no matter how ‘wild’!

But generally, most clients choose to book dates with escorts because they seek companionship, mutual banter and great sex with attractive women.

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3. Escorts never look like their photos

It can be hard to believe that the beautiful woman you’re looking at on the internet is going to turn up at your hotel. And while there are some dodgy operators out there, it’s not in anyone’s interest to ‘catfish’ or trick you.

One way to ensure you are meeting who you think you are meeting, is to make sure the escort’s photos are either marked as verified on their profile.

Another option is to stick with a reputable agency, like Hush, where you can rest assured you will never be tricked and your expectations will always be exceeded.

heck out our escort galleries and contact us to arrange a booking that will not disappoint.

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