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We are proud to introduce Boardroom Escorts International, the home of the best Escorts in Sydney and Australia's most trusted name in the Nighttime Entertainment and the escort services industry. Our agency offers premium escort services provided through our award winning website and an acclaimed lineup of the most talented and beautiful Escorts in Sydney that our clients have grown to appreciate, admire and love.

The most trusted name in Australia's escort service industry

We play an important role in the country's Entertainment industry supporting Australia's initiative to provide world class entertainment services to millions of tourists who come for business or pleasure, recreation and relaxation. Our guests are treated in the best manner possible to make their stay comfortable, enjoyable, pleasurable and most of all, memorable in every way. 

Boardroom Escorts International is dedicated to its role of being the benchmark of high class escort services and will continue to maintain and live by our creed and philosophy of offering only the finest Sydney Escorts to our clients in Australia and the rest of the world. 

Our reputation has been carved through years of commitment and diligent efforts to constantly innovate and reinvent the escort service industry of Australia through world class service, discretion and providing nothing less than the very best escort services possible. We are proud to have been recognised as the country's leader of the industry with numerous awards bestowed upon our agency by different award giving bodies, most notable of which is the "Best Escort Agency" award we consistently won for 5 straight years, a status accorded to our name by the prestigious Australian Adult Industry Awards, the foremost authority in adult entertainment services. 

Boardroom Escorts International's professional services are anchored on our models talents and competency in performing their roles as high-class escorts, the reason why we implemented strict guidelines in our hiring process which enables us to employ and offer only exemplary women with extraordinary talents and abilities. This assures our clients of getting only the most talented and skillful women to serve their needs. Beauty, of course, is a basic requirement and a thorough screening and selection procedure is integral to our hiring process where aspiring model escorts are carefully scrutinised, determining their physical and mental attributes before finally accepting them as part of our elite circle of Sydney Escorts.  

Our world renowned and acclaimed Escorts provide sophisticated and high quality female companionship services unrivaled in Australia's escort services industry. Clients from all over the globe have grown accustomed to our VIP treatment and seek our high class escort services every time they visit Sydney either for business or pleasure, with some international personalities returning to the Harbour City purposely to spend some precious moments with our high-class escorts. 

Our services are not limited to the city central alone as we also offer the same world class escort services outside the Central Business District or wherever our clients may prefer to stay. The agency covers all of the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern parts of Sydney with Boardroom escorts available any time. The different affluent suburbs of Sydney are favourite destinations of our local and international clients' who want a little more privacy and space, and these places are better experienced in the company of a young and talented woman who's only goal is to please;

Sydney's world class lifestyle offerings and attractions become better with the most beautiful women of Australia who add glamour and glitter to an already exhilarating and vibrant scene. Boardroom Escorts add more color to your Sydney experience from the moment you arrive until the time of departure, making sure that you will remember the getaway as one of the sweetest moments of your life. Our Sydney Escorts are trained to perfection and are guaranteed by Boardroom Escorts International to deliver flawless escort services to our valued local and international clientele. 

Clients who are bound for places other than Sydney will be delighted to know that our Agency also provides high class escort services in Perth and Melbourne and the rest of the Australian continent. Escort dates are most welcome anywhere in Australia as the Boardroom ladies love to travel and jet set from one place to another and rendezvous with their clients at a moments notice. Meeting and travelling with clients always excites our ladies and they always look forward to travel opportunities and service the needs of their clients, be it on land, sea or air. Escort service arrangements outside of Sydney can be made through our website where all the convenient contact details are provided. Our competent and friendly receptionists and staff will be glad to assist you in your booking needs wherever in the country and set the appointment with your chosen Sydney Escort. 

Hiring the services of our Sydney Escorts have been simplified and made easy through our award winning client centered website designed for ease of use and navigation. A dedicated support team has been made available anytime to assist clients throughout the booking process and to answer all inquiries related to Boardroom escort services. 

Boardroom Escorts International is recognised globally for best business practices where all negotiations, deals and contracts are kept in utmost secrecy and discreetness, which ensures that all our clients' privacy are protected at all times. Even our Escorts in Sydney adhere to our privacy policies and are trained to professionally manage their own, and more importantly, our clients' privacy. 

Boardroom Escorts International is now the dominant force that drives the country's escort industry to excellence and our clientele can count on our commitment to continue our offering of only high quality escort services that sets the gold standard in Australia's, and perhaps the world's, escort service industry. 

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