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Awesome Threesome - blog post image

Awesome Threesome

Mar 22, 2015
Picture: Two Hot Blonde Babes with Red Lip Stick Waiting for a Threesome

The ultimate men’s dream, a great three way sex encounter with two pretty young things, an awesome threesome! Two extremely horny and vivacious...

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Lust for Leather - blog post image

Lust for Leather

Mar 22, 2015
Picture: Brunette Escort Preparing for Leather Outfit

Women and leather, it never fails to excite men to see pretty young things donning fine leather wear. Leather boots that go all the way to the knees...

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Lesbian Love Dreams - blog post image

Lesbian Love Dreams

Mar 21, 2015

We know you want to see it and experience watching it up close and personal, girl and girl action where two of the most beautiful beings on earth play out your wildest lesbian love dreams!


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Red Hot Escorts in Super Lusty Lingerie - blog post image

Red Hot Escorts in Super Lusty Lingerie

Mar 20, 2015

Role Playing in Lingerie

Role playing is definitely a hit among men and our red hot escorts. Seeing a beautiful woman dressed as one of your favorite real-life characters is a big turn-on especially if...

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A Lady Who Knows How to Make You Feel like a Real Man - blog post image

A Lady Who Knows How to Make You Feel like a Real Man

Mar 19, 2015

Men always want to feel extra special, they like being on top of their game, they like being superior and they want women to make them feel like kings, especially in bed. That’s what men...

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Supermodel Sexy Escorts - blog post image

Supermodel Sexy Escorts

Mar 18, 2015

We know what most of you want in a woman, long legged, tall, hot and supermodel sexy. A long pair of flawlessly beautiful legs matched up with a sexy body fit for a supermodel never...

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Let’s Do the Kama Sutra - blog post image

Let’s Do the Kama Sutra

Mar 17, 2015

Anyone for Kama Sutra

The ancient bible of sex, believed to have been written more than a thousand years ago by sex gurus in India, proves mankind’s eternal quest to perfect the art of sex. Kama...

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Good Foreplay Spells Great Sex - blog post image

Good Foreplay Spells Great Sex

Mar 17, 2015

Almost heaven. That’s the best way to describe the intense adrenaline rush experienced prior to having sex, and good foreplay could spell great sex for you and your partner.

Start slow and easy, put in...

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What Boobs Do You Like To Play With? - blog post image

What Boobs Do You Like To Play With?

Mar 16, 2015

Boobs come in big and small packages. There are big boobs, small boobs, hard and soft boobs, bouncy boobs, squishy and squiggly boobs and more. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes but...

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Talk Dirty to Me  - blog post image

Talk Dirty to Me

Mar 14, 2015

Sex is definitely the most enjoyable and exciting thing we do in our lives. There is a certain degree of unexplained freedom that turns the meek into wild animals in bed, pardon the pun. Some...

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