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How to Last Longer in Bed – Top Tips From the Experts - blog post image

How to Last Longer in Bed – Top Tips From the Experts

Mar 13, 2015

Sex endurance, one of men’s most elusive dreams. Let’s face it, premature ejaculation is one of the most annoying, disappointing and most common sexual predicament most men have and experience in bed. Some actually ejaculate...

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Great Sex Positions to Try Before You Die - blog post image

Great Sex Positions to Try Before You Die

Mar 12, 2015

We know you love to have sex! And we know you’ve been dying to find and try out new and exciting sex positions after doing the missionary and doggy style for so long with some of...

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Perth Escorts are Heaven - blog post image

Perth Escorts are Heaven

Mar 12, 2015

Perth’s city central may be smaller compared to Sydney or Melbourne’s CBD but the City of Perth has all the offerings of its bigger sisters and probably more. The days seem longer and the sun...

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Why Choose a Sydney escort at the Boardroom - blog post image

Why Choose a Sydney escort at the Boardroom

Mar 10, 2015

Sydney is truly amazing!

There are only a few places in the world where the sex trade is legal and government regulated, and Sydney is on top of them all. Sydney’s legal sex trade has been hailed...

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The Very Best Sydney Escorts - blog post image

The Very Best Sydney Escorts

Dec 08, 2014

The City of Sydney is Australia’s crown city, with 4.5 million residents living across Metropolitan or Greater Sydney’s 12,000 plus square kilometers of coastlines and ridges, while only 200,000 of them actually occupy the city...

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Sydney Escort - blog post image

Sydney Escort

Dec 06, 2014

Sydney Escort

There are just too many reasons to visit Sydney. Characterised by the great outdoors, the Harbour City counts among its blessings the natural harbor, the stunning beaches and endless coastlines, the awe inspiring...

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Private Escorts in Sydney - blog post image

Private Escorts in Sydney

Dec 01, 2014

Everybody needs a little private moment sometimes. A little time away from work, business or from personal dealings and stressful environments can actually be good for your body. A few days of travel and playtime...

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Melbourne Escorts Our Finest - blog post image

Melbourne Escorts Our Finest

Dec 01, 2014

Melbourne is the coolest city in Australia, and we mean that literally. Commonly, Australia is known as a “sunny” country characterized by the great outdoors and great activities held under the sun, but somehow this...

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The high Class Escorts in Sydney - blog post image

The high Class Escorts in Sydney

Nov 29, 2014

Sydney is well known worldwide as the favorite destination of the elite, business magnates, kings and princes, heads of states, celebrities, millionaires and billionaires primarily due to the premier city’s reputation for being the most...

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Escorts Sydney are Unbelievable - blog post image

Escorts Sydney are Unbelievable

Nov 27, 2014

Sydney is definitely the world’s perfect playing field. Beautiful sceneries and views, stunning beaches and coasts, sports activities and events year round, highly acclaimed visual and performing arts, international cuisine and wine selections, warm and...

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