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Talk Dirty to Me

Misty Lee - Saturday, March 14, 2015
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Sex is definitely the most enjoyable and exciting thing we do in our lives. There is a certain degree of unexplained freedom that turns the meek into wild animals in bed, pardon the pun. Some people like to whisper sweet nothings while others like to hear loud moans and grunts, some even want to hear screams of orgasmic joy, but believe it or not, most actually want to hear some good dirty talking. Dirty talk levels up the excitement, and the dirtier it is the better for most of our girls.

Verbally speaking out loud what dirty things your partner wants to hear is a great way to spice things up, especially if it’s the ladies who are doing the dirty talking. There is something truly exciting and sexy about the way a woman sounds when she does the dirty talk, be it in a whisper or a loud scream, it turns men on and drives them wild. We have listed down some of the best lines men want to hear from their dirty talking partners so you too can enjoy.

Best Lines Men Want to Hear

  • Fuck Me Hard Baby
  • Just Lie Down and Enjoy the Blow
  • Your Cum Taste Sooo Fucking Good
  • Fuck Me Anyway You Want
  • My Pussy is so Wet, Ram it Hard
  • I Love Sucking Your Dick
  • Fuck My Ass
  • You’re the Best Fuck Baby
  • Cum in my Fucking Mouth
  • I’m Your Dirty Little Slut

Well if these lines don’t make you horny enough to blow your load then there must be something wrong with you. Ask your partners now to do the dirty deed and you’ll never be disappointed or contact one of our cheeky ladies.

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