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Men have varying preferences


Men have varying preferences when it comes to women’s hair types, some are attracted to brunettes while others prefer redheads but most actually love to have blondes especially in bed. There is something about blonde girls that drive men crazy!

But exactly why do men prefer women with blonde hair? This has been the subject of debates for decades and until now we still don’t have a clear answer but maybe, just maybe, blondes are actually more fun! It has been theorised that during the period considered as the end of the last ice age, approximately 11,000 years ago, ancient northern European tribes were heavily dependent on meat for sustenance as almost every terrain was covered in ice, making it impossible to grow anything on land. Men went out in bands to hunt bison and mammoth to feed their tribes, however, the hunting trips are fraught with danger which resulted in high fatality rates. As these hunts continued the male population significantly decreased, which resulted to an intense rivalry among women as their numbers far exceeded those of males. The theory holds that as the sexual rivalry intensified sexual selection came into play, and the Paleolithic men chose women with blonde hair, as they stood out from their rivals. 

Since the last ice age thousands of years ago blondes still maintain their popularity among men, take into consideration the fact that more blondes are featured in centerfold’s of men’s magazines these days than any of their counterparts. Same goes in the world of show business where blondes actually rule, think Marilyn Monroe, the biggest sex symbol of the 60’s, in the 90’s we’ve had Pam Anderson, Sharon Stone and Anne Nicole Smith, or today’s most popular personalities such as Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz, Scarlette Johansson, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, these are fine examples of how blondes have ruled the world…of men!

Today, you can enjoy the company of a fine, young blonde woman anytime you desire, and we are happy to proclaim that we have some of the most alluring, sexiest and most beautiful blonde escorts in Sydney ready to provide the ultimate escort services to men who prefer blondes for some serious fun both indoors and outdoors.

You can take our blonde ladies anywhere, show them off at parties or private functions, take them downtown to check out the great cafes or go shopping at the biggest malls, bring them to the best bars and night clubs for some drinks and dancing, display their bikini bodies at the beach or take them on a private cruise, or simply stay with them inside your bedroom for some wild sex games our blonde escorts are guaranteed never to disappoint!

Then and now blondes have ruled the imagination of millions of men worldwide, and now is the best time to fulfill your blonde fantasies with the best blonde escorts of Sydney!

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