Blonde lady stands in the wind

Who’s the best, blonde, brunette or redhead?

This has been a raging debate since time immemorial which endeavours to determine who really the best lady in bed is. Men’s preferences vary when it comes to women’s hair colour and often these hair types are associated with myths and legends that never fail to titillate, pun intended.

Whenever my friends and I start this debacle everyone dishes out their own opinions like a band of wild horny toads trying to croak at the top of their lungs as to why they prefer this and that, but I typically go silent, lying in wait for the perfect opportunity to croak the loudest (remember, horny toads aren’t toads and they don’t croak that’s why I said we “try” to croak) and when it comes I blurt out “give me the kinky hot redhead!” this never fails to attract their attentions and some actually go ballistic while demanding a good explanation from this super horny toad who has the hots for redheads.

Redheads are definitely HOT, and we’ve listed down some of the amazing redhead traits that make these adorable kittens stand out. Before going on reading the juicy little bits on these lusciously sweet gingers make sure to check out our exclusive redhead escorts on our gallery of the finest escorts in Sydney.

A rare genetic mutation causes this unique redhead colouration

Mutant is not a good way to describe a young, hot redhead but the fact remains that their beautiful hair color is actually the result of a genetic mutation of the MC1R gene. This gene is primarily responsible for pigmentation and the mutation is believed to lead to sensitivity to certain stimuli as the gene is connected to the brain’s pain receptors, which seemingly results to their low threshold for physical discomfort and may even trigger the girl’s quick temper, which is perfect for dominance role play if you ask me. Imagine bragging to your friends that you’re dating a hot mutant!

Redheads are more sexually active

A study, yes a study was made, in a university in Germany concluded that redheads are actually more sexually active than their counterparts, averaging three sex encounters every week compared to just two encounters for blondes and brunettes. The researchers said it was probably the bright hair colour that attracts men as it conveys fertility, youth and perhaps natural kinkiness usually attributed to this colour. 

They are more sensitive to pain and pleasure

Studies indicate that redheads are more sensitive to pain as well as pleasure. They point to the genetic mutation mentioned above as the culprit but hey, can you imagine the possibilities of having a highly sensuous partner in bed who loves being pleasured and giving more pleasure back? This actually adds up to the heat factor of redheads if you ask me!

If you are still unconvinced why not try booking a blonde, a brunette and a redhead escort all at once and try finding out for yourself if the arguments presented here are accurate? Whatever the results, you’ll surely end up a bit more knowledgeable and will have the bragging rights of having conducted a personal study on who among redheads, brunettes and blondes are hotter in bed!

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