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Absolute privacy

Absolute privacy, we understand how important this is for everyone most especially to our clients this is why our Sydney escorts are very discreet when providing escort services to all who seek out their company. Everyone has a deep dark secret within, a very personal matter that has to be kept in strict confidentiality for it may harm the reputation of the person and this is the very reason why we implemented stringent measures and confidentiality clauses to our privacy policy that enjoins our escorts and everyone connected to us to adhere to and practice at all times. This is our guarantee. 

Privacy is a big thing for us and our Hush escorts are experts in keeping intimate secrets between them and the clients that they serve to ensure everyone’s privacy is absolutely protected. Our ladies don’t tell anyone anything that happens during escort dates and you can rest assured that they don’t kiss and tell so you can let go of any of these concerns and just enjoy every minute of your time with the most beautiful women in Australia. Our escorts in Sydney offer highly specialised professional escort services designed to fulfill any gentleman’s wildest and kinkiest fantasy, satisfaction guaranteed. All you need to do is open up, throw your inhibitions out the window and tell our girls what you need and want, we assure you whoever your choice of escort may be she will tell you “don’t worry babe, your secrets safe with me.” 

We’ve listed down some secret male sexual fantasies our clients have had the pleasure to experience with our high-class escorts in Sydney so you may loosen up and get you started on your way to sexual freedom:

Secret Male Fantasies


Bondage and Dominance is a highly popular male fantasy our escorts will be glad to indulge anytime. Imagine a pretty woman clad in the sexiest leather suit walking in your room with a bag full of toys and BDSM kits. Vibrators (for you and her), shackles, cuffs, nipple clamps, whips and everything else that will give you pleasure and pain. Hear her bark sexual commands and be rewarded with untold pleasures if you get it right, but if you fail to do her right then get your ass ready for some good spanking bad boy until you get it right!

Ménage à trois

Choose two of the most alluring escorts on our list and get ready to have the ride of your life! Two is definitely better than one and we know most of you have fantasized about doing two juicy pussies at the same time so come on down and live your dreams because our girls are good to go on a wild three way fun!

The Teacher and The Student

You can choose to be the teacher disciplining his disobedient and naughty student or you can switch roles and you act as the bad bully in class who needs to be taught some good manners and respect. Anything goes when both of you are in the sex education “classroom”!

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