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Boardroom Escorts International is a Sydney based escort agency known the world over for providing superior luxury escort services unmatched anywhere in Australia. While we call the Harbour City our home base, our services are not limited to Sydney alone as we also provide the same high-class escort services to our clients who are  bound for the City of Melbourne, making available the most beautiful young women who serve as temporary companions to those seeking the comfort of a woman’s company and embrace. Our Escorts in Melbourne are competent and well trained, carrying with them our agency’s reputation for excellent service standards acclaimed internationally as one of the best in the global escort industry.  

Escorts in Melbourne are eager to please and prepared to fulfill our clients’ sensual and sexual desires, with the highest quality escort service first and foremost  in their minds. Our escorts value the importance of customer satisfaction and are fully aware of what should be done to ensure satisfying client needs and desires. Boardroom Escorts International models are naturally endowed with beauty, charm, intelligence, sophistication and all the other qualities desired by most in a perfect companion. These young ladies are passionate and dedicated to our common goal of surpassing client expectations. 

Boardroom Escorts International can arrange your dream date with one (or more, depending on your needs) of our Melbourne Escorts who will be your exclusive first-class companion while touring the city and your personal porn star when you are in the privacy of your room. There are endless possibilities when you are escorted by the very best, from a well versed tour guide travelling with you across Melbourne’s world renowned attractions to a sexual goddess who will make your carnal pursuits a reality, the escort of your choice will surely make every moment of your stay filled with pleasure and non-stop excitement.

Melbourne is known as the City of Literature and Arts, offering an ideal balance of a laid-back lifestyle and a vibrant way of life. This contrasting, but admirable, characteristic is perhaps well represented by the city’s unpredictable weather as Melbourne is known to have a moody climate, where the sun shine’s bright in one minute and turns around to become a chilly afternoon on the next, absolutely fantastic when you’re with an escort you can snuggle up with when temperatures dip. Generally, Melbourne’s weather is temperate and offers a relaxing ambiance, an ideal setting for a weary soul or traveler searching for refuge and reprieve, a perfect playground to temporarily forget life’s worries. 

The Capital City of the State of Victoria lies on the Southern Hemisphere featuring a healthy mix of classical and modern society. The city is known to have embraced a diverse and dynamic culture best represented by its people who have migrated to Melbourne from the different regions of Australia and the world. Consistently voted as one of the top three most livable cities globally, the city takes pride in its reputation as one of the best cities in the world.  

Melbourne counts among its most prominent offerings the arts and cultural events which made the city famous as the country’s center for performing arts along with its sister city Sydney, combined with sporting events, outdoor activities, modern and classical architecture, nature parks and public gardens, its rich history and diversity, shopping, wining and dining in Australia’s finest restaurants and bars, 5 star hotels, its famous lane ways, the city transport, Port Phillip which is a large bay connected to the Yarra River where the City is positioned and founded along its riverbanks and especially the “Melburnians,” as the residents are fondly called, and their hospitality. 

Over 1.5 million international tourists visit Melbourne annually, add to that 16 million domestic visitors, which makes the city a pillar of Australia’s tourism industry, with world renowned attractions readily available and accessible to whoever wants to explore Melbourne and its wonders. The Yarra River, Port Phillip and the city’s botanical gardens and nature parks are the most popular tourist attractions for nature lovers.

Countless water sports and activities happen on on the city’s waterways which spill onto an unending coastline and spectacular beaches, the most popular of which are St. Kilda beach which is about 20 minutes away from the CBD, Williamson beach which is also nearby downtown Melbourne, Altona beach which is highly popular among swimmers and beach goers, Werribee South where you and your escort can spend precious private beach moments away from the city and Carrum beach, probably the city’s best surf spot popular among surfers and water sport enthusiast.

The City of Melbourne also offers a dazzling array of world class restaurants and cuisine featured on its award winning restaurants scattered all over downtown Melbourne and along the waterways and coasts. The city’s nightlife is also a lively scene with hundreds of different bars and clubs serving all kinds of cocktails and brews imaginable. Melbourne also houses well known international luxury hotel brands and chains where guests can stay after spending the day discovering Melbourne’s inherent beauty.

Also worth noting and watching out for are the global sporting events and tournaments happening regularly anywhere in the city’s 5 Olympic Stadiums and the concerts and fashion shows which are regular events in Melbourne.

To complete your entertainment package in Melbourne bring along an escort date with whom you can share the fascinating experience with. Escorts in Melbourne are the best temporary companions who can make every second of your vacation count, sightseeing, swimming, boating or yachting and wining and dining is always much better when you’re with a beautiful girl, and lest we forget, the best part of it is the mind boggling sexual adventures you will have with your chosen escort. 

So visit the gallery page of Boardroom Escorts International’s website now and choose your Melbourne Escort. A receptionist will be glad to assist you and answer your queries and book your escort date anytime. 

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