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Boardroom Escorts International firmly believes that good experiences can be better when shared with a perfect companion, someone who can make things better and lift the spirit up when needed, someone to talk to, laugh with or simply be with, stare at, feel and enjoy during intimate moments, someone who’s willing to perform the role of a temporary partner with an insatiable desire to fulfill your wishes, share your innermost secrets and make your fantasies turn to reality.

That to us is a need that has to be filled for we completely understand what men want and yearn for, a fleeting rendezvous with a young, vivacious and pretty woman willing to provide her services with no emotional strings attached, who’s there for purely a short term tryst and simply perfect in every way. 

Boardroom Escorts International is a premier escort service company that specialises in providing high class escorts to an international clientele who travel to Australia for business and pleasure. Our world-class services and models earned us the title of Best Escort Agency in the country for five straight years, with the prestige given by Australia’s foremost authority in adult entertainment services, the Australian Adult Industry Awards.

Being honored with such a prestigious title comes with great responsibilities, and that is to maintain our high standards and continue to provide excellent escort services in Sydney and the rest of the country. This is exactly the reason why we exist, to provide high-class temporary companionship services to those who demand only the very best in the escort industry.

High Class Escorts Perth
Perth Escort Agency
High Class Escort Service
High End Escorts Perth

Although our agency is based in Sydney our escort services are available nationwide, and our young escorts take delight in inter-state travel opportunities and take even more pleasure in meeting and servicing men of value. Escort service arrangements can be coordinated through our award winning website and we will fly in your escort of choice anywhere in Australia.

You can choose from our gallery of attractive escort service professionals who come in different shapes and sizes but share a common trait, BEAUTY. Our flock of world class escorts include fashion and bikini models, college girls, beauty titlists, office girls, public figures and celebrities all considered elite and a class of their own in the escort industry.

Our Escorts have gone through stringent hiring procedures designed to pick out only the finest women in Australia who are then trained by escort service professionals before being allowed by our agency to handle our clients. The ladies of Boardroom Escorts International have perfected the art of personal adult entertainment and are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning clients who have impeccable tastes in women. 

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Perth is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the country, and should you require the services of high class Escorts in Perth our agency will be more than glad to provide you with flawlessly beautiful young maidens, eager beavers who have real enthusiasm and dedication to their roles as temporary dates and companions. Our high class Escorts in Perth possess naturally beautiful faces and bodies, and all of them are good-natured, charming, alluring, witty and intelligent, qualities which will captivate every man they associate with. 

Perth is probably one of the sexiest and most sensual places on earth. This City of Lights central business district is relatively small compared to its bigger sisters Sydney and Melbourne but this place has a big heart for hospitality and more virgin places waiting to be discovered. Perth’s beaches have been dubbed as the most romantic in all of Australia where tourists are treated to lovely landscapes, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, great food and locally produced wine, an active lifestyle set in a backdrop of a relaxed way of life, an electrifying nightlife, plus a Mediterranean climate conducive to romance and sexual escapades. 

The city and the region as a whole enjoys an abundance of sunshine as this Western Australian State and capital city is known to have more sunny days than the rest of the country, which allows for a multitude of water sport activities to happen day in and day out. Surfing, boating, water skiing, yachting, kayaking, fishing, jet skiing, wind surfing, sailing, swimming and diving re just some of the most popular beach activities. The coastlines also offer secluded areas ideal for skinny dipping if you’re kinky enough to try it out. 

Heaven truly is a place on Perth, and all of the city’s world class offerings are best enjoyed with an equally world class escort who will be with you throughout your stay. From the beaches to the finest restaurants, and most especially in the comfort of your own room, your chosen escort will provide high quality temporary companionship and personal adult entertainment from the moment you arrive until the day you depart, our escort will make sure that your Perth experience will be one of the best you ever had. 

So next time you plan that Perth vacation do not hesitate to contact Boardroom Escorts International, we could make your Perth escapade more interesting and fascinating with the help of our high class Escorts in Perth. You can book your escort services in advance and we will send your chosen escort wherever you want to meet up with her. 

Boardroom Escorts International respects our clients’ privacy and you can rest assured that all bookings and escort dates and services are kept confidential. Contact our help desk and a competent receptionist will walk you through the process of securing a date with the best Escorts in Perth.

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