Scantily clad lady lies in a couch

Almost heaven. 


That’s the best way to describe the intense adrenaline rush experienced prior to having sex, and good foreplay could spell great sex for you and your partner. 

Start slow and easy, put in a little on foreplay and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how the passionate heat could be turned into a firestorm of sexual satisfaction, and how turned on you both can be with the right moves. A gentle kiss that slowly turns to a tongue twister, a little lick on the back of the ears and neck that gradually combines with gentle bites, tender licks on the boobs slowly turn into mild nipple sucking, then slowly work your way down and start driving her wild with your tongue and fingers once you reach her pussy. Foreplay is all about teasing, kissing, licking and stroking in all the right places.

Foreplay allows partners to enjoy each other to the fullest. Ladies can also start with gentle kisses then gradually work their way down and give the most sensual, seductive, mind-blowing blowjobs. The slow and sexy rhythm by both of you will be an out of this world experience and will be a great prelude to an amazing sexual encounter.

Some people prefer to spice foreplay up a bit through the use of toys, cuffs, or chains and whips for BDSM enthusiasts, and we say just go on with what you think will make both of you feel good. Remember, foreplay is about exploring each other, teasing each other and ultimately preparing both of you for the best sex of your lives.

So do your homework and practice the art of foreplay and make every sexual encounter the best ever!

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