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We know you love to have sex! 

And we know you’ve been dying to find and try out new and exciting sex positions after doing the missionary and doggy style for so long with some of our hot and sexy girls. Boardroom Escorts International has come up with some Great Sex Positions for those who want to spice things up and be a little more adventurous and daring. Trust us, these sex positions work and we believe you’ll reach the Big-O even before you finish all of them!

The X Factor

Have your girl lay flat on her back and go sit in front of her. Pull up her right leg which should be crisscrossing between your legs and lift it up to your left shoulder, with your right leg crossing over her body to form an X. Gently move forward until your dick reaches her pussy and start banging her slowly. You can hold her hand to pull your bodies together and allow for deeper thrusts. This may require a bit more flexibility but it sure is worth trying!

The Pretzel

Some people like playing with food during foreplay to intensify the excitement, but after you’re done with the literal food play try something even more exciting, The Pretzel position. Kneel in front of her and wrap her right leg around your waist while her other leg rests under your ass, this will put her in a sideways position, you can choose to hold her leg or one of her tits and start banging away!

The Tarantula

First, have her lay in front of you and tell her to lift her pelvis up with knees bent while using her elbows to support her back. Gently slide under her in a sitting position with her body between your legs and yours between hers. Then you start pumping her in a slow, rhythmic motion until you both reach the Big-O! 

The Wheel Barrow

This is the doggy style with a twist. Stand behind her back while she’s on all fours, slowly lift up her waist and have her wrap her legs behind your back while she still has her hands on the floor or bed. Make sure to carry her weight by holding on to her waist. Pump away you Pit bull!

The Seesaw

Tell your girl to lie on her back then help her slowly get her legs and feet above her head. This will make her ass lift up a bit with her pussy tightly straddled between her legs, then tell her to hold her legs or feet as far back to hear head as possible and start rocking her back and forth with your dick deep inside her until she can’t hold back anymore and explode!

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