Curious about what goes down when you book a couples escort in Sydney?

Enjoy these stories from three high class Sydney escorts at Boardroom Escorts who are giving you a glimpse behind the hotel door into some of their favourite bookings with couples.  And because Boardroom Escorts never kiss and tell, the stories shall remain anonymous!

Escort diary 1

One of my memorable couples bookings was with this gorgeous couple from Melbourne who were celebrating a birthday by having a dirty weekend away to Sydney. They had decided to mark their special celebration by doing something Sarah (not her real name) had fantasised about, but never found the opportunity to pursue – which was to explore her bisexuality with another woman.

Genuinely Bisexual Escort

As a genuinely bisexual escort, I was more than happy to take Sarah’s hand and help her explore, while her husband watched.

I took my time and enjoyed seducing her, slowly unbuttoning her dress as I kissed her neck, my hands moving her breasts and down her back to grip her firm bum. I was surprised at how turned on I got, knowing I was being watched by her husband as I kissed her, sliding my hand between her legs and inside her panties…

I won’t go into all the details, but let’s just say it was a mutually satisfying birthday for the three of us!

Escort diary 2

There’s nothing I find sexier than a threesome, especially when it’s with a couple who has great chemistry.

One of my best escorting memories involves a couple who were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary, and they had decided to book a couples escort for the occasion.

We started off the evening by going out to dinner together and getting to know each other, before heading back to the hotel and exploring each other’s bodies for hours.

Threesome Escort Service

One of the best parts of a threesome is the potential. Three people means three bodies, three mouths, six hands, more positions and endless pleasure.

Let’s just say that I think we christened every surface in that hotel at least once!

Escort diary 3

I once had a booking with this couple who decided to see a couples escort because they felt that their spark was diminishing. They told me that they used to have incredible, hot sex all the time, but over the last few years, the stress of the pandemic had put a dampener on both of their libidos.

We started the booking with a glass of wine and laying on the bed together having a chat. This progressed to touching and stroking each other, and it wasn’t long before things started to heat up and I could see their passion reignite for each other. I think sometimes all it takes is to block out the rest of the world and focus on each other. By booking a couples escort, they were able to take the pressure off their relationship and have someone else step in and navigate them back to each other.

This booking was by far one of my most memorable, and quite obviously a gamechanger for their relationship, as they left the booking completely loved up and unable to keep their hands off each other!

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