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Threesomes top the charts of sexual fantasies for many, and with good reason. The experience of seducing someone as a couple or watching your partner with someone new can be hot as hell. Plus, adding another person into the mix means more hands, more positions and more possibilities for pleasure. For some couples, having a menage a trois can even be a transformative, libido-injection to a relationship, especially if things have been feeling a bit stale.

Whether it’s your first threesome together as a couple, or you’re celebrating a special anniversary, or even if you’re experienced in the art of group sex, here are a few reasons why you should consider booking a Sydney Couples Escort.

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1. There’s no drama with Couples Escorts

When it comes to organising a threesome, finding a suitable third can be an arduous and time-consuming process. You need to find someone who you’re both attracted to, who’s attracted to both of you, who’s not a dud in bed and who isn’t going to get weird after you all sleep together. It’s a fine balance and things can easily get messy if everyone isn’t on the same page. Having a threesome shouldn’t have to be hard work – it should be about fun. That’s why having a threesome with a Couples Escort is the obvious choice. Couples Escorts are professionals at threesomes. They are experts are ensuring a hot group sex experience where no one feels jealous or left out. A Couples Escort will be able to easily guide you and your significant other through a safe, exciting and drama-free shared adventure that you will keep things spicy for years to come.

2. Couples Escorts open the door to sexual exploration

Threesomes can be a gateway into exploring the spectrum of one’s sexual curiosities in a safe and sexy way.

Lots of couples who come to Boardroom, choose to see a Couples Escort because their girlfriend or wife has a girl-on-girl itch to scratch. If your partner has ever fantasised about being with another woman but the opportunity hasn’t come up, let us introduce her to our army of gorgeous, genuinely bisexual escorts who love showing bicurious girls the ropes… You’ll get a front row seat, of course.

3. Couples that play together, stay together

It’s a fact that threesomes can bring you closer and make your relationship stronger. Playing with others builds sexual confidence and creates openness and clear communication by discussing desires and boundaries with your sexual partners. Plus, research shows that new and adventurous activities can stimulate the brain to produce dopamine, which a key role in your sex drive. After a few years together, it can be easily to settle into a slump. By experiencing something as exhilarating as a threesome, it can bring back some of those feelings from when you first started dating and you couldn’t get enough of each other.

Call us to arrange a menage a trois with a bisexual Boardroom Couples Escort today.

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