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Whether it’s the sight of freshly pedicured toes, the thought of being tied up and having candle wax dripped on you, a recurring fantasy involving a certain outfit or costume, or a yearning to be dominated – fetishes and kinks comes in all varieties and are a totally natural part of your sexual desires.

Technically speaking, a fetish is defined as a sexual fixation on an object or non-genital part of the body. Many people think of fetishes as having to be something crazy and outside of the mainstream, but fetishes can be anything from an object or a body part, to a costume or a situation.

No matter what you’re into or what gets you going, we think it’s always worth exploring your fetishes.

Here are three reasons that an escort agency can help you find your fetish.

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1. It’s easier to talk about your kinks with an escort agency

Whether you’ve just started seeing someone or you’re in a long-term relationship, it can be really difficult to be open about your kinks or fetishes. There’s an underlying fear that your kinks might not align with theirs – and it might feel easier to just bury the fetish than to ever explore it. No! You should explore it, because you have nothing to be ashamed of! Exploring your kinks is a natural part of life and for our high-class escorts, finding out what makes you tick is their fetish. You’ll never feel judged when you open up to a Hush escort – our escorts are extremely open-minded and you might be surprised to learn that some of them actually share or are experienced in your fetish. Yes really. You never know unless you ask…

2. An escort agency will ensure you explore your fantasies safely

At its core, kink is all about consent, communication and compromise. A professional will be able to bring your kinks to life in a way that is not only creative and exciting, but also safe, sane and consensual. Of course, not every escort will share your fetish, so ensure you be upfront about your kinks when you contact Boardroom. This will allow us to matchmake you with an escort who shares your kinks.

3. You can explore your fetish without anyone finding out

At Boardroom, we completely understand the importance of discretion and the details of your booking will never be shared. When you explore your fetish with a Boardroom escort, you are assured of privacy, which means you can totally relax and enjoy your booking knowing that no one is the wiser. Your secrets are always safe with us at Hush!

Contact our Hush office to find your fetish or explore your kinks.

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