Whether you’re brand new to the world of escorts or you’re an experienced punter, you probably don’t realise the full scope of escort services that are available to you.

Beyond a standard romp, Boardroom escorts also offer a range of world-class escort services, to suit every mood, taste and curiosity.

So if you’re keen to step out of your comfort zone and try an escort booking with a little extra something but you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help with our mini escort services guide.

Here are a few tips for picking the perfect escort services to suit your mood.

Feeling filthy?

If you’re feeling extra devilish and feel like a regular booking just won’t cut it, take a walk on the wild side and arrange a Pornstar Experience (PSE) booking with one (or more) of our Sydney pornstar escorts at Boardroom Escorts.

Sydney Pornstar Escorts

The crème de la crème of escort services, Pornstar Experience (PSE) bookings are perfect for gents who crave a raunchy, hardcore and uninhibited romp with a pornstar playmate that will have you feeling as though you are starring in your very own porno film, minus the cameras.

Feeling like you want intimacy?

Whether you’re in a stressful, high-powered job, or you just feel like your days are spent running from A to B to C to D, sometimes slowing down and enjoying a little TLC with a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) escort can be the ultimate key to rejuvenation.

The reason that GFE bookings remain one of the most popular escort services of all time, is that they offer more intimacy, touch and affection, sensual stress-relieving massage, conversation and empathy, and ultimately, more satisfaction for those that seek the best bits of having a girlfriend – without the strings and commitment.

Feeling like double the fun?

Double Escort Booking

One of our most popular escort services, Doubles Escort bookings offer more potential, positions and pleasure than any other escort services. Two escorts means twice the fun, twice the hands and mouths, and twice as many memories for you to savour.

Afterall, the only thing better than one Boardroom Escort, is two Boardroom Escorts.

Feeling up for something new?

If you feel like 2022 is the year you step out of your comfort zone and experience something new, then you need to experience the thrill that comes with kinky escort services. Whether you are curious to experience some gentle spanking and firm reprimanding from a dominant kinky escort, you have a foot fetish you’d like to explore, or you’re curious what it feels like to be tied up and teased, or have warm wax dripped over your sensitive bits while you bite down on a gag, then contact Boardroom Escorts to arrange a booking with kinky escorts in Sydney. Your secrets are safe with us.

Give Boardroom Escorts a call and let us know how you’re feeling so our friendly receptionists can match make you with a Sydney escort to suit whatever mood you’re in.

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