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After the year we’ve all just suffered through, it’s a safe bet to say that we could all do with having better sex. Between work stress, the state of the economy or the myriad of other pressures life has to offer, the concept of wild, mind-blowing sex seems as far away as the fantasy of world travel right now.

Much like anything you need to get fixed that you can’t do yourself, you turn to a professional. And here at Hush, we have plenty of professional purveyors of pleasure who would love to give you a helping hand and help you have the sex you deserve.

Here are a few tips from our high-class escorts on how to have better sex.

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1. “Choose an escort who offers the services you’re seeking”

Not every escort offers the same services, so make sure you choose a provider who offers what you want, especially if you’re looking for something specific. Before picking up the phone, make sure you’ve thought about what kind of booking or vibe you’re wanting. Are you looking for a passionate Girlfriend Experience? A XXX Pornstar playmate? Maybe you’re curious about being dominated or have a new fetish you’d like to explore with a kinky escort? Make sure you take the time to read the escort profiles and ask questions in advance before arranging your booking. By being upfront about your wants, needs and boundaries, you’re likely to have a better booking as you and your escort will go into your date on the same wavelength.

2. “Take your time – it will make your orgasms more intense”

We live in a busy, fast-paced world where we spend our lives running from A to B, racing from this thing to the next thing. But when it comes to sex and pleasure, we need to be doing the exact opposite and slow down. Ask any Boardroom escort and she will tell you that foreplay is underrated! By taking your time to tease, touch and taste, you’re building anticipation, which ramps up the sexual tension… Delay your orgasm for as long as possible (as torturous as that can be) and then enjoy the mind-blowing release the follows when you finally climax. Consider booking an extended date or an overnight booking with a Sydney escort so you can really take your time.

3. “Don’t be afraid to use toys”

Sex toys can be intimidating to the uninitiated but incorporating sex toys into the mix is a great technique for not only building sexual tension, but for experiencing different sensations and stronger orgasms. Sex toys are built for pleasure and are designed to hit spots in ways we can’t. They can also help bring fantasies to life and open the door to multiple orgasms. There’s an overwhelming amount of male and female ergonomically-designed sex toys out there, so save yourself the time and ask the escorts at Boardroom for their picks – they’ll lead you in the right direction. Better still, let them show you.

Want better sex? Let the babes at Boardroom help. Phone us to arrange a booking.

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