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Sex endurance, one of men’s most elusive dreams. 

Let’s face it, premature ejaculation is one of the most annoying, disappointing and most common sexual predicament most men have and experience in bed. Some actually ejaculate even before or shortly after pussy penetration without actually having the need for much stimulation, leaving their partners and themselves, heavily disappointed. 

There are some pills that could aid men to last a bit longer but most are made from artificial substances which may be harmful when taken regularly or for long periods of time. It is best to try conquering this problem with natural techniques that could effectively help you last longer during sexual encounters. 

Here are the top tips on how to last longer in bed naturally:

Deep Breathing Technique

Deep breathing allows the muscles to relax, remember that your dick is a big muscle and relaxing your body can result in better control of the arousal and stimulation that leads to premature ejaculation. Try taking in long deep breaths for about 5 to 7 minutes and holding it in a little longer than usual, slowly releasing the air each time. The muscle tension eases when your body breathes in air and starts to relax, resulting in better muscle control which leads to a prolonged period of sexual enjoyment prior to ejaculation.

Start and Stop Technique

This one’s an easy giveaway. When you’re already in the act and feel like cumming all too soon, try to pull out before you explode and stop pumping. Let your dick rest for a while to allow the sensation to ebb, you can perform foreplays during these intervals and just slip it in again once the feeling of climaxing has gone. 

The Squeeze Technique

The technique is to pull out on the brink of ejaculation and squeezing the base of your penis to stop the rush of cum upwards. This is similar to the start and stop technique. Once you feel that the urge to blow out has gone insert it again and continue the party. 

The Delaying Technique

This requires for you to have total control and discipline. Try to go really slow, prolonging the foreplay and delaying the act of penetration. Once you’re in, do it with slow rhythmic thrusts instead of heavy banging. Once you feel the urge to explode, stop pumping and just let it rest inside her pussy while you play with the rest of her body. Try doing this in long intervals and you and your partner will surely have the best sex of your lives.

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