Oldest Trade Escort Industry

A tale as old as time is that the Escort industry is the oldest trade in the world but is this true?


So, we take a historical look at the industry and try and discover how this saying has made it into our everyday reference to the exciting industry of escorting. 

So, if you do a small amount of research (you can see many studies but the earliest we see is the Sumerian scripts that depict mighty temples were women practised the trade of escorting. Like today there were levels of escorting and the most prestigious lived in the temples and we’re almost worshiped like goddesses. This was in the early 2400 BC so in the time where men worshipped the gods and goddesses and all the folly and joys that go with it. 

But in the age of the emperor Constantine in the 7th century AD the temples were knocked to the ground and Christianity was brought in as the established rule, and then the trade of escorting was thrown into the darkness and deemed forbidden. 

We can see across the world that the pleasures of the flesh continued and the company of an intelligent and beautiful woman was as much in demand as it ever was. 

So, the simple answer is yes, it is one of oldest trade in the world and primarily has remained unchanged except what we call it and who applies the trade. 

Little did you know we at Hush Escorts like to find out how you find us. Was it a friend referral? Was it a sexy picture that you saw on our Gallery that invited you to come play on a rain cold day in Sydney or did you type happy high class hooker Sydney into google (yes this is a true search term that was used this week). 

And yes, they are happy just in case you were wondering. 


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