A golf course

There are several golf courses within Sydney’s city limits and the city actually has some championship golf courses easily accessible via short drives from the central business district. Great! Would definitely be the right reaction you will use at this point, but it gets better. Boardroom Escorts International, the home of escorts Sydney is also well known for, is offering an escort package tailored for golfing enthusiasts, complete with a high class escort of your choice!

Our agency has been on the forefront of escort service innovation and our golf package is just one of our popular packages available for our sports inclined clients. Patrons who are golf enthusiasts can now show off their swings at Twin Waters Golf Course Resort. The resort features a world class 18 hole course designed by golf legend Peter Thompson. Imagine doing those pro golfer swings with a beautiful and stunning golf buddy playing with you… PERFECT! Would be a subtle reaction we bet. So start booking that golf package now and practice your golf stance and swings because you’ll definitely be in the exhibition game of your life.

Here are some golfing tips to get you started:

Stance. Trying out different stances will enable you to find your best golfing stance. It is very important to know what proper stance you are comfortable with so you can play a better round. Experiment and act different stances out so you know what fits you.

Walk, don’t cart. Golf is a good way to loosen up those cranky bones and walking happens to be the best exercise so seize the moment and do away with the golf cart. A leisurely walk on the course allows your body to feel relaxed once your body slowly releases the natural brain stimulant dopamine which happens to be our body’s natural “pleasure chemical.” This will be very useful when you get to do some sexual acrobatic sport after golfing with your Sydney Escort. You know what we mean.

Use the right golf club. A good golf stance will be useless without the right club in your hands. Before making a purchase on a new golf club set remember to consult golfers who have more experience or better yet ask the pros for sound advice. Good sporting stores will also be able to give valuable input as to the best clubs available for your style.

Exercise and warm up. A well toned and well tuned body allows you to develop good solid swings, and the best way to achieve this is through exercise and daily warm-ups before you hit the course. You will need all your body muscles when you need to hit ball across the course and the distance to be traveled by your golf ball depends on how hard you can hit so shape up.

Get a grip. A good grip is key to control. Practicing until you get the perfect grip that suits you is a must. A hard grip on the club does not mean you can hit the ball farther or have better control, a firm grip balanced with a little tenderness will take your ball to places you never expected it to be. Grip it like you will grip your Sydney Escort.

Focus. Focusing and conditioning your mind that you will play a good game actually helps. Golf is a mental game and you need to clear your mind before starting to putt. Just put the bad previous games out and never let it affect you. You will improve and play a good round if you focus.

Relax. Should you face obstacles on the greens don’t be agitated or anxious, just relax, focus and assess how you will execute the shot or swing you deem best, and even if that doesn’t work well stay relaxed, there will definitely be more chances and days on the green to improve your game.

We already covered the basics of how to be a better golfer and now it’s your turn to be the best that you can be on the green. Book our Golf Package now and complete your image on the field with that beautiful young lady serving as your inspiration when you play, and even if you lose on the greens you will surely be a winner at the end of the day with our high class Sydney Escort.  

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