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The man lies on his back face up on the bed. 


Anyone for Kama Sutra

The ancient bible of sex, believed to have been written more than a thousand years ago by sex gurus in India, proves mankind’s eternal quest to perfect the art of sex. Kama Sutra is a book about the art of love making, with hundreds of detailed descriptions of sex positions illustrated and recommended for practice (at least back then) to achieve the Big-O. 

We took a closer look inside the world of Kama Sutra and have listed down some of what we believe are the most exciting and raunchiest sex positions which are worth trying today.

Kama Sutra – The Erotic V

Have your girl sit on a table’s edge, stand before her and bend your leg so you are in the best position to enter her pussy, put her arms around your neck then carefully hoist both her legs to your shoulders. She then has to lean back and you control the thrusting by holding on to her ass!

Kama Sutra – The Fantastic Rocking Horse

Sit cross-legged and lean back using your arms behind you for support, the girl slowly kneels on your lap clamping you with her thighs and slips her pussy down your rod. She’s in total control when she starts bouncing up and down, controlling the depth of penetration and speed or rhythm of the act.

Kama Sutra – The Catherine Wheel

A little complicated but worth every bit of effort, the Catherine Wheel is started by sitting opposite each other. The woman will wrap her legs around your waist allowing you to enter her freely, to keep her in place put your right leg around her torso. To keep her balance she needs to lean back using her arms while you are in a semi-sideways position pumping away. 

Kama Sutra – The Glowing Triangle

Quite similar to the missionary position, the glowing triangle is considered an upgrade to the missionary. First, assume the missionary position man on top, woman on her back. You lift yourself up on top of her by going on all fours then she then lifts her hips up to reach your dick and slides it inside her pussy. You remain on all fours while she does all the work from underneath.

Kama Sutra – The X Rated 

The man lies on his back face up on the bed. She then sits on him, turns around, rests her legs up his shoulders, straddles his feet for support, spreads a bit wide open to form an X shape and controls the action by sliding up and down.

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