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Women and leather, it never fails to excite men

Women and leather, it never fails to excite men to see pretty young things donning fine leather wear. Leather boots that go all the way to the knees or thighs, soft leather gloves, soft leather underwear, leather jacket and cap, we don’t mind if she’s wearing an all leather suit, leather is sexy and drives all of us wild especially if it is worn by the most vivacious and voluptuous vixens on the planet!

Leather desires are common among men, and there is an inexplicable feeling of attraction and desire whenever our ladies wear leather attire, it’s a big turn on especially if it fits perfectly, showcasing all the curves and adding to the allure and sexiness of women. Leather is usually associated with domination, where the ladies usually act as the masters and men serve as sex slaves, Dominatrix is the name of this game where the lady takes the dominant role and comes out donning all leather attire. She will probably be carrying a whip, cuffs and clamps and order you to submit to her demands, and then she starts giving you unimaginable pleasure which comes from a little pain and total dominance. 

Sydney escorts are the best dominatrix’s for they are professionals in sexual role playing and they look perfect in leather wear. Imagine a beautiful blonde escort wearing leather boots, sexy leather underwear and perhaps a mask made of fine leather, the moment she steps in the room looking like she’s ready to give you pleasure and pain will definitely bring you to sexual ecstasy. As she walks slowly toward you she starts to play with the whip, treating you like a wild animal, like a lion that needs to be tamed. She orders you to undress and to put your hands behind your back, she handcuffs you and orders you kneel before her. She positions herself in front of you so you can see her bulging camel toe and you can smell the familiar leather scent, a pulse-pounding sensation envelops you while you anticipate what is about to happen next. 

She then pulls back your head and teasingly licks your face. Still kneeling with your head pulled back she blindfolds you, and you can hear the whip slash through the air. The pain excites you and you beg for more. Instead, she holds your hair and gives you the deepest French with her tongue almost reaching your throat. As she pulls her tongue out she forces your face in her snatch and orders you to lick and eat her as hard as you could, and you oblige like a wild animal enjoying his prey…

We know you want more but we’ll leave out the juiciest parts so you have something to think about and look forward to when you live out your leather fantasies. Book your exclusive Sydney Escort Dominatrix now and satisfy your lust for leather!

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