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We all have that certain type of girl that we fantasize about 

All About Brunettes 

We all have that certain type of girl that we fantasize about all the time. Some men prefer blondes while others prefer redheads and most certainly a lot of guys actually love brunettes! 

We know you’ve heard a fair good beating of blondes who usually are on the receiving end of countless stupid blonde jokes but did you know redheads and brunettes also have some fair share of bar room jokes? Trust us there are tons of them. Although myths do abound about your favorite brunette most are actually more encouraging than those we hear about redheads and blondes. 

This article provides an insight on why some men actually think these brown-haired beauties we affectionately call brunettes are far better than blondes. Before we go on enumerating the finer points of brunette’s make sure to check out our gallery to see the most beautiful Brunette Escorts in Sydney! 

Tattoos look better in Brunettes

Yes. A study was actually conducted on who looks more attractive, a girl who has body art painted on her or a girl without a blot of ink anywhere? The answer: the girl with no tattoos. Surprisingly though the study also found that there is a link between body art and hair types, when men were asked who looks more attractive sporting tattoos between redheads, blondes and brunettes an overwhelming majority actually said tattoos look far better in brunettes than the others. 

Brunettes are more sophisticated and matured

A different study gave blondes a thumbs-up on having a younger looking physique but this also translates to immaturity in some levels, perhaps this has something to do with the stereotype that blondes are more fun, and probably more immature. Brunettes are perceived as more sophisticated, understanding of what the opposite sex needs and perfect mature companions.

Compared to blondes, brunettes have stronger personalities

Most men actually see brunettes as more independent and have stronger personalities than blondes, a good trait sought after by a lot of guys. Blondes are perceived to have far inferior or weaker personalities and tend to become emotional or easily broken.

Brunettes are seen as more capable in everything

Professionally and personally brunettes are generally perceived as more capable than redheads or blondes. They also are more open to challenges and thrive on difficulty, a trait highly admired by most men.

Brunettes are said to be more intelligent 

Women’s hair color actually affects men’s perception of women’s intellectual capabilities. Among the three hair types presented, brunettes are seen as more intelligent and brainier than blondes and redheads.

These are some of the answers provided by men worldwide when prompted to compare the three most popular types of women. I’ve made up my mind, make mine a brunette! How about you buddy?

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