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Melbourne is the coolest city in Australia, and we mean that literally. 

Commonly, Australia is known as a “sunny” country characterized by the great outdoors and great activities held under the sun, but somehow this is not necessarily the case in one of its famous cities. The capital city of the State of Victoria is considered quite unique when it comes to its weather and people say Melbourne probably has the moodiest weather in the world. We bet most of you haven’t heard or tried experiencing four seasons in a day, imagine summer, winter, autumn and spring happening in a 24 hour period, yes it is possible, and it happens often in the City of Melbourne where residents and tourists are advised to always bring umbrellas or winter clothing outdoors just in case seasons change dramatically within the day. Summer in Melbourne is practically milder than most, with an average temperature of about 20-22 degrees Celsius, autumn and spring averages at 15-17 degrees C, while winter is at 9-11 degrees C, generally temperate climates perfect for any kind of play all year long.

Melbourne is rich in history and culture, and counts among its common characteristics a diverse cultural community and a lifestyle incomparable to anywhere in the world. Among the things the city is famous for are:

  • The dizzying mazes of streets, alleyways and laneways which is a very popular attraction
  • The highly efficient tram system which serves as the city’s primary mode of transport
  • The 5 mega sports stadiums, all Olympic standard and where global sports events are held 
  • The Yarra river, the main waterway feature of Melbourne where popular attractions line up on its river banks including the CBD
  • Australia’s “unofficial sports capital” is one of the more popular labels of Melbourne where golf, cricket and football (ARF)  tournaments, both local and international, are held year round
  • The City’s renowned botanical gardens and national parks
  • Melbourne’s heritage or classical buildings and ultra-modern structures
  • The abundance of world-class hotels, restaurants and bars and the city’s vibrant nightlife
  • The city’s internationally acclaimed theaters, art galleries, museums and event centers
  • The concerts, fashion shows, visual and performing arts events which are regular entertainment offerings

You will surely love Melbourne and its offerings. Best of all, the city’s weather is perfect for love and sexual adventures, so if you want the whole entertainment package the best way is to celebrate the good life in Melbourne and share it with beautiful Melbourne Escorts. Vacations or leisure trips are better in the company of a pretty young lady who is at your beck and call, somebody who’s ready to obey your sexual commands when you feel like doing it, wherever and whenever, be it on a private cruise by the river and by the bay, on the beach or in your hotel room.

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