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Role playing is definitely a hit among men and our red hot escorts.

Role Playing in Lingerie 

Role playing is definitely a hit among men and our red hot escorts. Seeing a beautiful woman dressed as one of your favorite real-life characters is a big turn-on especially if the dress she’s wearing is the skimpiest and lustiest lingerie. Our naughty, role playing Sydney Escorts love to dress up and bring their clients ultimate fantasies to life. 

We are pretty sure every man will agree that sometime in the natural course of their lives there were times when they fantasized about what it would be like to see their favorite real-life character, be it a professor in college, a nurse at the hospital, the lady cop who stopped them down the highway, a college girl across the street or their housemaids, in a skimpy, tight and super sexy lingerie. This is a natural phenomenon among men when they have a certain degree of attraction to a type of woman. The fantasy lingers on and stays in their minds for a long time, and they want to live out their fantasies given the chance.

We’d like to present to you some of the hottest fantasy role plays which our high-class escorts will be willing to act out for you dressed in their Hot Lingerie:

Luscious Maids

We know some of you had a luscious maid somewhere in time and you’ve had that image of her in a super tight and very short maid’s uniform with front buttons almost popping out, or fantasized her wearing only an apron with nothing underneath except for a thong that showcases her big round butt. Imagine someone dressed like that fantasy maid of yours cleaning you up with her tongue!

Horny Lady Cop

There is something about a woman in police uniform that turns us all men. Maybe it’s the air of authority within or maybe she’s just wearing a uniform a few sizes short of what she’s supposed to wear. Picture this, a super seductive blonde wearing a scanty police uniform, her boobs about to explode and her ass already peeping through that short skirt. You’d probably volunteer to be cuffed on the bedpost anytime!

Naughty Cheerleader

Everybody loves a cheerleader. Seeing her in that cheerleader uniform with just a tank top and her nipples almost piercing through will definitely blow your mind. Watch her show off her cheer leading skills on top of you and shout rah rah rah!

Nice Little Nurses

Laying in bed with two kinky nurses attending to your “needs” will be one of the most unforgettable role playing experiences. Two nurses, not one, dressed in the sexiest and naughtiest white uniforms will have you seeing double!

Madame Cat woman

Yes. We know this one’s not a real-life character but hey, everyone loves the Cat woman! Clad in all leather, body hugging Cat woman attire, dominatrix is the name of the game here so get ready to be spanked bad boy!

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