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Some men expect the best from life 

Men, they say, are the most complex creatures on earth and are second only to, you probably guessed it, women, though men generally are the ones who bring home the bacon, if you know what we mean. We will cut to the chase now and go on with what this article is about: what men need and want when they become successful and rich enough to afford the finest things our little world can offer.

Some men expect the best from life for they simply need it, it’s a man thing and it drives them to achieve and succeed so they can enjoy life to the max. Some of these men have found comfort and refuge in the arms of temporary female companions when they are at play. When it’s time to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labors they run to our high-class Sydney Escorts for that much needed reprieve, for they know that every moment spent with our women are worth it and they feel young and fresh after each encounter. And like we said, when men are at play they expect only the very best, they have to be bathed in luxury for they earned it and they deserve to enjoy every minute of it with their exclusive Escort in Sydney.

The following beach destinations are favorite holiday getaways of the rich and famous and those who demand the best things in life, places where they, along with their Escorts in Sydney can bask in luxury and privacy:

1. Sapphire Seas Beach House  
Sapphire Seas Beach House is a property worth several million dollars and is situated on private beach front in the beautiful Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. This super exclusive resort showcases ​​a private beach and is a great place for those who want the option of seclusion with one of our beautiful young ladies. A 2,000 square foot Master Bedroom has enough space for you and your partner to tumble around in perfect privacy and has a breathtaking view of the sea. The rest house also has generous amenities and appointments for the bedroom, kitchen and living room. The kitchen is the perfect place to spend time cooking and sharing intimate moments with your escort. A private chef is also available upon request and offers cooking classes if cooking is your thing.

The property is secured by an advanced security system that offers total privacy for those times you and your escort wants to walk around the property in your birthday suits. There are also numerous recreational activities within walking distance of the facility, including restaurants, bars and resorts with great nightlife activities. A personal concierge is there to service your every need and help make your stay the most memorable one you will cherish for a long time.

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxurious beach property where you can relax under the sun with a stunningly beautiful lady on your side, Sapphire Seas Beach House is a must go to holiday retreat. 

2. Bedarra Island Villa 
The villa’s location is close to the Great Barrier Reef and is set in an uninhabited island. It is a paradise island exclusively reserved for the rich and famous. The villas are by the shoreline, surrounded by white and golden beaches overlooking the turquoise and pristine waters surrounding the island. 

The private island features sixteen beautiful villas, each hidden within the virgin rain forest. Each villa has been carefully designed to provide the ultimate fantasy house. The restaurant at the the Bedarra is simply amazing; the local produce from the mainland and freshly caught seafood in the backyard offers the freshest food experience. This has been rated a five-star travel destination with excellent activities including diving and snorkeling around the Great Barrier Reef and more.

The isolation of the Bedarra Island settlement limits its access and can only be reached by private aircraft which lands at the airport in Cairns. Impress your escort date and enjoy the warm tropical luxury lifestyle of island seclusion, choose a romantic holiday trip to this Queensland gem.

3. Thorngrove Manor Hotel 
This hotel is located 35 minutes from the Adelaide International Airport.This hotel is quite famous and has received numerous awards for architectural elements of art, and it really is a must-see holiday destination for those who want to experience the magic of a 5 star vacation plus the benefits of a romantic getaway.

The hotel is a copy of the Thorngrove Castle with several notable architectural details in Gothic, with a touch of fantasy on the side. The facilities and amenities create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury that will set both you and your escort in the mood for romance. Successful men and their women seeking for unique places and new holiday atmosphere are looked after with great care when staying at this world class establishment. The hotel offers many recreational activities, while outdoor candlelit dinners and romantic walks in the botanical gardens can be arranged. The hotel also offers four types of room accommodations, including the Tower Room, Queens Chambers, Castle Center and Circles. Each reservation at Thorngrove is personal and private, so the chance of running into someone you know are quite slim. Confidentiality at its best when dating a Sydney escort.

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