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Boobs come in big and small packages.

There are big boobs, small boobs, hard and soft boobs, bouncy boobs, squishy and squiggly boobs and more. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes but one thing is certain, we love them all! Boardroom Escorts International have listed down some of the best types of boobs so you may have an idea on what boobs you’d like to play with the next time you go out and play with our Sydney Escorts.

Watermelon Boobs

Also known as pillow boobs, watermelon boobs are definitely the most inviting among the lot. Heck, it even looks delicious even with her clothes on! It’s the type of boobs men want to pump with their dicks sandwiched in the middle. A small waist plus two plump watermelons would definitely make men go nuts.

Frisky and Round Boobs

These are the types of boobs men die for, frisky and round boobs that are just perfect for any kind of kink. Frisky and round boobs are not too small or too big, just the right size for any action. There’s enough to grope and not too much to drown you out. It is usually sported by women who regularly work out and comes perfect with a nice set of abs.

Fake Boobs

Fake Boobs are works of art. In the hands of a master cosmetic surgeon, mediocre boobs turn into mightily awesome, fantasy filled set of stunners! People tend to be put off by the word “fake” but hey, we’ll take a masterfully crafted boob job anytime than not to have one!

Low Slung or Low Rider

Low slung or low riders are natural big boobs that tend to ride low due to gravity. These are best enjoyed when she’s on top and her boobs are swaying back and forth with the rhythm of the beat of your drum (we actually mean your balls. Whatever), watch it wobble, jiggle and bounce all over while in action!

There you have it, a comprehensive list of the types of boobs that will surely drive you mad. So go on and visit our gallery and find out who among our Boardroom Escorts have the type of boobs you like to play with!

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