Welcome to the new blog from Boardroom Escorts, where each week, we take you ‘behind the door’ to reveal the intimate secrets that only we know. This week, we’re diving into a question that’s frequently on men’s minds: What do women really want in bed? To answer this, we’ve gathered tips from three of our top boardroom escorts to uncover what truly excites women in the bedroom.

Time, Sweet Time

Candice emphasizes, “Dedicate more time to teasing me before and during sex. Kiss and touch me everywhere, ensuring I’m fully aroused before we proceed. Combine fast and intense passion with slower, gentle touches.” Women appreciate it when men take their time, mixing a variety of paces and touches to create a truly captivating experience.

Dress Up and Express Yourself

“A gentleman in a sharp suit and a man who isn’t afraid to make noise in the bedroom drive me wild,” shares Alyssa. Men often enjoy hearing women moan, but they rarely do it themselves. Alyssa finds it incredibly sexy when men vocalize their pleasure. “It shows he’s really into it, which turns me on even more.” She also loves extensive foreplay, where both partners take turns pleasing each other.

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Add a Touch of Kink

Lucia enjoys some adventurous play: “Sex doesn’t always have to be vanilla. I love it when a man spanks me, licks my inner thighs, ties my hands, and whispers naughty things in my ear during sex.” Exploring different aspects of kink can make the sexual experience more thrilling. Lucia advocates for balancing gentle passion with rough play, starting with a passionate kiss and roaming hands.

Unwrap Her Like a Present

“Slow down and make the undressing process sexier,” advises Candice. While quickly tearing off clothes can be exciting, she prefers to be unwrapped slowly, appreciating her lingerie because it’s all for you. Candice also enjoys sexy conversations during the buildup, with neck and earlobe kisses. “Don’t hesitate to make the first move. I absolutely love it when a man takes control in the bedroom,” she adds.

Change It Up

Alyssa loves surprises in the bedroom: “I enjoy when a man introduces new positions and locations, breaking away from the usual routine. I’m over the typical missionary and doggy styles. Lift my legs onto your shoulders or carry me to the kitchen counter.” Alyssa also appreciates a slow buildup, where anticipation grows until she’s pleading for more.

Eyes on Intimacy

“Sex is much sexier when it’s intimate,” says Lucia. Maintaining eye contact and kissing during sex intensifies the passion. Lucia describes an ideal scenario: after some champagne and playful flirting, you lead her to a room with a selection of toys. You blindfold her, slowly unzip her dress, and let it slide down her curves, tying her hands behind her back to build anticipation.


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Conclusion: Attentiveness and Communication Are Key

These insights from our expert companions highlight the importance of variety, attentiveness, and communication in bed. By taking your time, appreciating her efforts, introducing new routines, and exploring different aspects of intimacy, you can enhance the sexual experience for both you and your partner.

At Boardroom Escorts, our boardroom escorts are trained to deliver unparalleled intimacy and passion, enriching your private moments with their deep understanding of what women desire. Our escort agency is committed to understanding and responding to what truly excites and satisfies. Remember these tips the next time you’re in the bedroom, and transform your sexual encounters into unforgettable moments of passion and connection.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-door secrets in upcoming editions from Boardroom Escorts.

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