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Because our Sydney escorts are truly the industry’s finest!

Sydney is truly amazing!

There are only a few places in the world where the sex trade is legal and government regulated, and Sydney is on top of them all. Sydney’s legal sex trade has been hailed as the most liberal and serves as a great example of how the adult industry can be regulated with strict government guidelines to ensure that the adult industry professionals, including their clients, are protected and safe in the conduct of their trade. It is also a place where professional adult industry models are looked upon and treated with dignity and respect, the reason why you will find the best adult industry models and the best escorts in Sydney

The Sydney escort service industry serves as an international benchmark in escort service standards and has consistently earned international recognition and global acclaim for best practices and for offering the highest escort service quality unmatched anywhere in the world. Sydney’s top escort agency, Bordroom Escorts International, has consistently won adult entertainment awards from respectable local and international award giving agencies and is recognised as Australia’s foremost authority in Sydney escort services. 

Why choose a Sydney escort at the Boardroom? Because all our models are carefully selected and handpicked both locally and internationally from hundreds of aspiring models wanting to become part of the elite circle of Boardroom Escorts. Our high-class escorts are trained to perfection to give clients the escort services they deserve. A meticulous selection process and rigorous training regimen is observed and conducted by our team of escort industry professionals to ensure that only the very best, most talented and most gorgeous young ladies are hired and become worthy of being called Boardroom Escorts.

Sydney escorts are a big part of Australia’s world-renowned hospitality services. The escort service industry in itself is considered a tourist attraction, servicing thousands of local and international clients who come to Sydney, including Perth, Melbourne and the rest of the country, to find high quality temporary companions who could make their fantasies come to life, and we at Boardroom, including our bevy of high-class Sydney escorts, put so much value in service quality and customer satisfaction and continuously strive to deliver high quality escort services to our clientele in order to maintain the standards they have become accustomed to.

Boardroom Escorts International offers a variety of customised escort services, from intimate to wild encounters, to suit every individual need. We maintain a healthy line-up of beautiful, young and educated Sydney Escorts guaranteed to satisfy your kinkiest and wildest fantasies.

So why choose a Sydney escort at the Boardroom? Because our Sydney escorts are truly the industry’s finest! 

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